Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

Plateau-Schuhe von Buffalo - die Nike Air Max der 90er Jahre / Plateau-shoes by Buffalo - the Nike Air Max of the 90’s

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Everyone has experienced his very own little fashion faux pas. Some of them are so dark and abysmally abhorrent, they should never get the chance to see the light of day. Just like the shoe pest of the 90s: the buffalo shoe!

A seven centimetre thick layer of caoutchouc, a big hook-and-loop-fastener, rough bootlaces, a bold look and label dropping at it’s best all over the shoe. Just as if the Alien art of H. R. Giger had clashed together with a Formula 1 car and a raver. The Buffalo used to be THE shoe trend of the late 90s - just like the Nike Air Max is today. Worn by rich AND trashy kids as well as teenagers, ravers, adults and bullying talk show guests this shoe got burned into our collective mind of fashion. 

In the world of fashion designers usually put the highest price on the biggest piece of shit, and exactly this was the case with the Buffalo. With lordly 250, 00 DM (today 120, 00 Euro) those shoes seem even today pretty expensive. But if you wanted to be part of the cool kids there was no way around getting a pair of Buffalos. 

I am still wondering how I managed to scrape together so much money. All I know is that it took me quite some time to get my pair of grey-white-black-Buffalos. And so the trend had almost passed when I finally got them. I looked so shitty with them. 

Even during the midsummer I wore my Buffalo's! (Plese ignore the numerous fashion faux pas in this photo!) /
Auch im Hochsommer trug ich meine Buffalo's! (Man ignoriere bitte die zahlreichen anderen Modesünden auf diesem Foto!)
In fashion everything gets a revival. Even or especially those things that should never come back. Many of my fashion-interested friends told me they heard that the Buffalo shoe would have a comeback very soon. Let’s just hope that in this case there is going to be an exception to the rule of fashion revivals. 

Sincerly, your fashion faux pas


  1. Very beautiful shoes!
    Beautiful photo with them!!! You should publish other of this historical revival!!
    You wore them very well!

  2. fantastisch!
    Wie viele Erinnerungen!
    haben Sie immer noch die Schuhe ?
    Ich habe sie in den Schrank !
    Manchmal trage ich im Haus!

    wird wieder in Mode sein?